Rhythmic Gymnastics Leotard “Buddha Tree”K-0334-1

250.00 $

Sewing to order, for custom tailoring

The price is for tailoring- includes certified hypoallergenic Italian fabrics, the creation of a sketch, individual patterns, embroidery programs, embroidery and assembly of a leotard, hand-painted art, 3D elements and appliqué and more. The price varies depending on the decor.

New Collection: “Yaskraviy svit” (“Bright World”).
Kingdom of Thailand Leotard “Buddha Tree”
Legend :

“The young prince of Siddhartha Gautama stood out among his peers. The wise elders foretold him an extraordinary future. Surrounded by luxury and fun, he knew only the joys of life. But once, leaving the palace, the young prince saw the suffering of the world. This radically changed the prince’s worldview. He learned that there are misfortunes, diseases, death in the world, that suffering rules the world.
Gautama left his father’s house bitterly. Shaving his head and putting on rough clothes, he began to wander, indulging in self-torture and self-flagellation, trying to redeem the young years of a luxurious and carefree life, seeking to know the great truth.
So about 7 years have passed.
And then one day, sitting under the tree of Bodhi (knowledge) and, as usual, indulging in deep self-knowledge, Gautama suddenly “saw”.
He knew the mysteries and inner causes of the cycle of life, he learned four sacred truths: suffering rules the world; their cause is life itself with its passions and desires; one can escape suffering only by immersing oneself in nirvana; there is a way, a method, by which one who knows the truth can get rid of suffering and attain nirvana.
From ancient times the Buddhists have a tradition of planting a Bodhi tree in every Buddhist temple.”

Look closely!
Do you see the Buddha sitting under the tree?
And did you know that the coat of arms of Thailand has wings?

Bright and stylish leotard “Buddha Tree” model K-0334-1 for rhythmic and aesthetic gymnastics, acrobatics, Rock’n’Roll, Twirling Baton Dance, Artistic Roller skating, figure skating, aerial acrobatics, circus shows and other.

  • The photo shows a suit decorated with DMS PREMIUM: 2120 DMS premium rhinestones (Korea), 48 sew-on rhinestones.

  • Please, be sure to fill in so that we can understand whether we will have time to make a leotard for your competition.


Rhythmic Gymnastics “Buddha Tree”

New Collection: “Yaskraviy svit” (“Bright World”).
Kingdom of Thailand Leotard “Buddha Tree”

  • The leotard “K-0334-1” combines a bright bi-elastic supplex fabric – polyamide with the addition of elastane and a beige mesh or fabric to simulate a naked body.
  • Production of materials Italy, England, South Korea.
  • The fabric stretches well, does not hinder movement. The colors are bright and saturated.
  • To give the effect of volume, 2D and 3D applications were used, as well as additional hand-painted details.

As our products are not serial and this model is handmade, when sewing there may be a slight difference from the sample in the photo.

We can make this leotard according to your individual measurements. If you want to order an exact copy, make the same amount of decor when filling out the order. You can also order any amount of decor. The number of rhinestones and their measurements can be added below. The cost of the model includes: fabric, tailoring, original painting on the fabric, applique and hair elastic.

To order, select “standard size” below, or enter your own in “individual measurements”.


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