Rhythmic Gymnastics Leotard “Milky Way” RGL_2008

220.00 $

Sewing to order, for custom tailoring

The price is for tailoring- includes certified hypoallergenic Italian fabrics, the creation of a sketch, individual patterns, embroidery programs, embroidery and assembly of a leotard, hand-painted art, 3D elements and appliqué and more. The price varies depending on the decor.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Leotard “Milky Way” RGL_2008 for rhythmic and aesthetic gymnastics, acrobatics, Rock’n’Roll, Twirling Baton Dance, Artistic Roller skating, figure skating, aerial acrobatics, circus shows and other.

  • The photo shows a suit decorated with DMS PREMIUM – 1000 DMS premium rhinestones (Korea), 100 sew-on rhinestones.

  • Please, be sure to fill in so that we can understand whether we will have time to make a leotard for your competition.


Rhythmic Gymnastics Leotard “Milky Way” RGL_2008

New collection: Yaskraviy Svit (“Bright World”). Baroque – sophistication of England. leotard “United Kingdom”
“So much news in twenty years
And in the sphere of stars, and in the form of planets,
The universe crumbles into atoms,
All ties are torn, everything is crushed into pieces.
The foundations have been shaken and now
Everything has become relative to us.

  • The leotard “Milky Way” RGL_2008 combines a bright bi-elastic supplex fabric – polyamide with the addition of elastane and a beige mesh or fabric to simulate a naked body.
  • Production of materials Italy, England, South Korea.
  • The fabric stretches well, does not hinder movement.
  • The colors are bright and saturated.
  • To give the effect of volume, 2D and 3D applications were used, as well as additional hand-painted details.

As our products are not serial and this model is handmade, when sewing there may be a slight difference from the sample in the photo.

We can make this leotard according to your individual measurements. If you want to order an exact copy, make the same amount of decor when filling out the order. You can also order any amount of decor. The number of rhinestones and their measurements can be added below. The cost of the model includes: fabric, tailoring, original painting on the fabric, applique and hair elastic.

To order, select “standard size” below, or enter your own in “individual measurements”.


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