The company “Sport Leotard” began its history of production of leotards for rhythmic gymnastics since 2007.

A dynasty of rhythmic gymnastics coaches in 3 generations, having collected all their experience and knowledge, with a team of like-minded professionals create a unique product and real works of art, taking into account all the requirements for quality, aesthetics, product convenience, the wishes of coaches, parents and young athletes)

For 15 years, we have grown from a small author’s studio into a full-cycle production that combines high-tech equipment that ensures high speed and the highest quality of products and a team of specialists and craftsmen working on design development, needlework, appliqués – lay out rhinestones, stones and other decorative elements that provide an individual and creative approach, accuracy in understanding the client and fulfilling the order.

We sew triko, leotards, overalls, costumes for rhythmic gymnastics, figure skating, group acrobatics and aerobics.

Rashguards, lycras, swimsuits for surfing, windsurfing and other water sports.

Mission and values

All athletes are great fellows, they invest a huge amount of effort, train for hours every day, strive for excellence, go stubbornly for years to win. We know how important the outfit is at competitions, how important it is for an athlete to feel comfortable, confident, shine on the carpet and win the hearts of the public.

Our mission is to create a bright, unique outfit of consistently high quality and aesthetics for the athlete, which will help him to perform successfully and win the competition!

Our values ​​- we sincerely love our work and our clients! Therefore, we are always working on a high level of service, providing prompt assistance in consultation, helping you choose the best option for designing swimwear in order to anticipate your expectations, so that you conquer the audience and always come back to us and recommend us to friends!

We love our country Ukraine very much, and therefore we are happy to represent it on the world market! We are honored to share our love with athletes from all over the world and through our work to introduce you to a small part of the talents and beauty of our country!

We are all one big family! We treat all people of the world with great love, regardless of nationality and religion, and therefore we work with absolutely every person from any country with the same quality and honesty!

Love for nature and everything beautiful is what each member of our team, each of our employees shares. This makes us kinder and better, which helps our creativity and continuous development. In our work, we use environmentally friendly fabrics and materials that are certified by international quality standards.