About us

Sport Leotard is much more than a webstore!

Sport Leotard is both a design studio, experimental workshop and mini-manufacturing, where our and your ideas come to life.

We strive to design models that are comfortable, original and eye-catching.

Of all the sewing spheres, the creation of leotards for rhythmic gymnastics is the most closely resembling art.

Since 2007 we have been designing and implementing the young athletes’ dreams and their comfort, and over this period we have honed our craftsmanship in the production of suits for performances at competitions in the different sports, and have developed customized tailoring solutions.

 Even without a fitting, our company can always ensure a perfect model fit!

We realize how challenging it is to confide, especially for the first time, in such a complicated and demanding case from a distance.

However, Sport Leotard consists of a professional team of masters, each of whom knows his job well, is gifted, has an artistic taste and enjoys his work.

Only trustworthy, verified fabrics and decors suppliers are allowed to work with us.

Only the best quality materials are used. For example, we use Swarovski rhinestones and Premium class rhinestones, while they are less costly, but are no less bright.

Model creation is a labour-intensive process, consisting of: taking measures, drawing up sketches, choosing fabrics, constructing the model, tailoring and decorating the piece.

You can choose from a large assortment of our pre-designed concepts. And our craftsmen make personalized sketches all from zero on a turn-key base. We can sew suits of ANY difficulty. Not only pretty leotards for young gymnasts, but also highly complex suits for pros. So when you make an order, you can be sure that you will get a top-quality result. With any order you can be sure to trust us with your fresh new look for the next competitions!