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15 Years

We sew products for athletes around the world


The company uses the best ideas, technologies and materials

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We are one of the best in the business, and always find a happy medium so that you can turn your ideas into reality.

What do we offer?

Clubs and Coaches

Coaches, these are native people who are nearby throughout the gymnast’s sports life. They instruct, support and help to reach the heights. The coach sees the athlete in the gym and at the competition, and this is the one who can best suggest what kind of image is needed for the selected program.
The founders and foundation of our company is a dynasty of trainers that has come all this way. 15 years ago we started by sewing leotards for our children and pupils. And now we continue this work in close cooperation with professional athletes.

Joint order

A joint order is a group order for sewing the same or different leotards, unitards, dresses, for rhythmic gymnastics, acrobatics, synchronized swimming, figure skating and other sports, in order to receive a special favorable order price and save on delivery.

If you need to buy a uniform for a club, school or children’s costumes for dance groups, or you need clothes for a vocal group, you can find and choose from our available models for tailoring by individual sizes in our online store or we can design custom design just for you.

Bulk orders

Any business, whether it is a sportswear retail store or an online store of goods for rhythmic gymnastics, acrobatics, figure skating and other sports, needs reliable suppliers, competitive prices and quality goods from sportswear and equipment manufacturers.

Among our clients there are winners of the US team and European champions.

For 15 years, we have established ourselves as reliable partners, creating leotards for hundreds of gymnasts and acrobats around the world.

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