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Good afternoon, we are from Ukraine)

My name is Andrey Ushakov, I am the owner of Sport Leotard.

We have been manufacturing leotards for rhythmic gymnastics and acrobatics for over 15 years

I understand that you have a form supplier, but if he suddenly fails, then we are ready to fulfill your order with high quality and on time and take care of the shipment.

Among our clients there are winners of the US team and European champions.

For 15 years, we have established ourselves as reliable partners, creating leotards for hundreds of gymnasts and acrobats around the world.

Any business, whether it is a sportswear retail store or an online store of goods for rhythmic gymnastics, acrobatics, figure skating and other sports, needs reliable suppliers, competitive prices and quality goods from sportswear and equipment manufacturers.

Because the more correctly the assortment is selected in terms of tastes, properties and price range, the wider the target audience, the more opportunities for sales and development, and this is a guarantee of security for business and for the retail client.

We work with teams such as

Rhythmische Sportgymnastik TVM (Mosbach, Germany)
Club Dinamic (Valensia, Spain)

IGC Acrobatic Gymnastics Team (West Sacramento)

AERIAL SPORT ACADEMY (Chernivtsi, Ukraine)


TEAM AURA (Denmark, Dania)

Rhythmic Gymnastics club (in Huddersfield, England)

Team Olympia (Denmark, Dania)

Tumble U Acrobatics Team (Piqua, USA)

Gimnasia Ritmica Club Natación Pamplona (Spain)

ᴀʟʟᴜʀᴀ ♥️ ᴀᴄʀᴏ (USA)

TaKaTa~Trio (USA)

Why choose us

  • 15 years of experience in the production of incredibly beautiful and original leotards for rhythmic gymnastics, acrobatics, figure skating.
  • In the production of swimwear, we use materials from European manufacturers.
  • All materials are certified according to international quality standards, hypoallergenic and odorless.
  • A whole team of professionals is working on the creation of swimsuits!
  • High speed of order fulfillment due to industrial equipment and production automation of more than 50%
  • Terms of production of orders – 2 times faster than competitors
  • Premium workmanship of the product – (due to high-precision professional industrial equipment)
  • Full cycle production – from sketching to order packing
  • We apply the print of the fabric ourselves, decorate, decorate ourselves.
  • 100% identity of manufactured group orders (tailoring of the same) leotards for group performances – due to manufacturing on equipment with software.
  • We use the unique technology of sewing swimwear for growth, which saves up to $ 1,000 on the purchase of new swimsuits as the child grows
  • At the helm of the company are knowledgeable, experienced people – a dynasty of thin coaches. anthem. – people who understand well all the pains and problems of coaches and parents.
  • The location of production is on the border with Romania, which allows you to consider various alternative options for the delivery of your orders by various delivery services and carriers in Europe.
  • We are trusted by hundreds of clients from over 40 countries

Special offers for you!

Free sketch (sketch) of a swimsuit when ordering tailoring from us until 06/30/2022
(Regular price for a sketch is $25)

Hair ornament in the same style with a swimsuit (tiara) as a gift when ordering tailoring from us before 06/30/2022
As a gift, a cover for a swimsuit when ordering tailoring from us until 06/30/2022

Additional Related Products-

  • Training clothesMerch on the impression (sublimation printing of images) – applying any images or photos to the fabric.
  • Rhythmic gymnastics toe-shoes

Lifetime guarantee for a swimsuit – warranty repair of a swimsuit free of charge (restoration of the original look of a swimsuit – sew on decor if it has come off, glue rhinestones that have fallen off, fix damage, etc.)

We offer wholesale prices for a one-time order of 10 units of goods!